groundwork/基础 exhibition

A group exhibition that took place from October to November 2020, providing insights into the research practices of the MPhil and PhD students at Hong Kong Baptist University’s Academy of Visual Arts (AVA).

In this exhibition I presented three video interviews with artists in Mainland China who had presented series of live-streamed performances from February to May 2020. I also organised new live-streams from these same artists, which were presented during the run of the exhibition.

Exhibition tour by Edward Sanderson (photo by Kingsley Ng)

Three new live-streams by the participating artists

Changcun Wang 王长存 livestream
Chenchen Ding 丁晨晨 livestream
Kaoru Abe No Future (Cong Zhao 赵丛, Wenbo Zhu 朱文博, and Lu Liu) livestream

The interviews with these artists can be found here.