In early 2020 much of Mainland China was placed under lock-down to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Since May of that year the country has intermittently relaxed or re-imposed restrictions in various areas where infections have subsided or have re-emerged respectively. For performers this has curtailed many events and gatherings. Addressing what this research terms "sonic culture", which includes sound artists and experimental musicians, and therefore artists who have in the past favoured face-to-face events, my research will investigate the effect of the COVID restrictions on their practices, and how they work with sound within this environment.

This website supplements my PhD dissertation, and is currently a work in progress.


With grateful thanks to my supervisors Dr. Anson Mak, Dr. Cédric Maridet, Dr. Leung Mei Ping; my interviewees who graciously provided me with their time, particularly Jun Yan; Chenchen Ding; Changcun Wang; Cong Zhao and Wenbo Zhu; Mai Mai. Thanks also for support from Mankun Liu; Xin Tang and Chongbao Xu of Taikang Space, Beijing; Michael Yuen; the technical staff at AVA; my parents, and my wife, Shi Li.