Header Images

The header images show images from performances arranged for this research (more details are in the Events section of this website), and various non-mainstream performance venues in Beijing (these images appear in the header in random order).

Research performances

The entrance to the bunker space, on HKBU Academy of Visual Arts campus, venue for a number of performances arranged for this research.
[ _ _ _ ] (Song Li, Jia Liu, Shuoxin Tan) remote network performance, in the bunker space.
Fiona Lee Wing-shan performance in a study pod on the HKBU campus.

Alternative performance spaces

The underpass at Sanyuanqiao in Beijing, location of impromptu performances including Zoomin’ Nights organised by Zhu Wenbo from 2015–2017, and other performances organised by Wang Ziheng from 2017 onwards.
School Bar in Beijing, opened in 2010, originally a punk venue but also hosts experimental music concerts.
fRUITYSPACE in Beijing, DIY performance space, opened in 2016.
Zajia in Beijing, DIY bar and live-house, operating from 2010 to 2015.