ct1993 & Vunkwan Tam

a photograph of ct1993 and Vunkwan Tam sitting on the ground at either end of the bunker space, performing

26 November 2021, 15:30–16:30

氛圍音樂 / 環境錄音 / 實驗性  
Ambient / Field Recording / Experimental

ct1993 and Vunkwan Tam live-stream from the bunker space on Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts Kai Tak campus.

This event is presented as part of the exhibition “AVA RPG 2021 – Staggered” 香港浸会大学视觉艺术院研究式研究生课程展览 2021 -《 涟漪现 》 at AVA Gallery, Kai Tak Campus from 6 to 27 November 2021.

The performance will be followed by a Q&A between the artists and Edward Sanderson.


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CHAN TING aka ct1993

Chan Ting works in the fields of image-making, installation, performance and sound (stage name: ct1993). She is the co-founder and curator of an independent artist-run space – Negative Space, dedicated to developing contemporary imaging and lens-based media. Chan’s research explores luminous mind and contemporary imaging. With a focus on visual dialogue connecting mental image and sound-image, her practice often emerges as a stream of consciousness. Chan Ting is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was involved in a diverse range of exhibitions and events, including solo exhibition ‘Smoking room’ at PMQ, 2021; ‘Sound Forms 2020’ at Tai Kwun, 2020; ‘Tomorrow is Never a New Day’ at Negative Space, 2020; ∀fter Absurd #04 at Terrible Baby, Eaton HK, 2019; ‘Romancing Rubbish: Locality and Social Practice’ at Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College, 2019; ‘The Storm of Hymns’ at Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College, 2019; ‘Sincerity Machine’ at Twenty Alpha, 2019; ‘Absurd Creation 鳳凰涅槃:意動甦生’ at Wing Fat Cafe, 2019; ‘Vernissage #23’ at Malmö Universitet, Sweden, 2018; ‘Translucent Space’ at Hui’s Gallery, New Asia College, 2018; ‘Cheapdoy: 美勞展’ at Hong Kong Community Radio, 2018.

陳庭是一位香港藝術家、策展人,她從事影像、裝置、聲音(a.k.a. ct1993)和表演藝術,同時也是獨立藝術空間負片空間(Negative Space)的共同創辦人。陳氏的創作主要探討光學思索與當代影像。她專門通過視覺對話,連接意像與聲音形象,其實踐常常以意識流形式出現。目前正攻讀香港中文大學研究院藝術碩士(創作)學位。近年參與展覽及活動包括:個展《吸煙室》(元創坊,2021)、《聲形:2020》(大館,2020)、《Tomorrow is Never A New Day》(負片空間,2020)、《∀fter Absurd #04》(逸東酒店Terrible Baby,2019)、《城市浪漫垃圾》(新亞書院誠明館,2019)、《城市的裂縫》(新亞書院誠明館,2019)、《本真機器》(Twenty Alpha,2019)、《Absurd Creation 鳳凰涅槃:意動甦生》(永發茶餐廳,2019)、《Vernissage #23》 (瑞典馬爾默大學,2018)、《Translucent Space》(新亞書院許氏文化館,2018)、《Cheapdoy: 美勞展》(香港聯合電台,2018)。


Vunkwan Tam currently lives and works in Hong Kong. His artistic practice ranges across sculpture, image, video, text, sound, and installation. He draws inspiration from the ghosts of modern society, and the objects he encounters. Exhibitions and performances participated in include, “Play. Boredom. Worship.” (Tomorrow Maybe, Hong Kong, 2019); “New Babylon” (Prsntprsnt, Hong Kong, 2019); “Sincerity Machine” (Twenty Alpha, Hong Kong, 2019); “Sound Forms” (Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong, 2020).

譚煥坤現於香港生活和工作。他的藝術實踐涵蓋雕塑、影像、錄像、文字、聲音和裝置。他從社會的鬼魂和物件涉取靈感。曾參與的展覽和表演包括「玩樂。無聊。崇拜。」(Tomorrow Maybe,香港,2019)、「新巴比倫」(Prsntprsnt,香港,2019)、「本真機器」(Twenty Alpha,香港,2019)和「形聲」(現在音樂,大館當代美術館,香港,2020)。